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1958 Italy vs China Football Match

Organised by the Società Isole Eolie at the St Kilda Football Ground (now Junction Oval) on the 17th of August 1958 a Australian Football match was played between Italy and China. This match was to aid the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital and 140 pounds was raised on behalf of the Italian and Chinese Community. The Sunshine City Band was present, as well as a lion dance that danced to the sound of clashing cymbals.  Renowned league umpire, Bill Merrington, umpired the game for us. The two Consuls of Italy and China were present and before the bounce greeted the teams. The match was a close one with Italy winning

At half-time the V.F.L 100 yard sprint was held with legends of the V.F.L competing. These included:
Carlton: S. Silvani, J. Bennetti, J. Chick
Footscray: J. Collins, A. Gaediner, D. Whitten
Fitzroy: K. Murray, D. Furness
North Melbourne: L. Dwyer, A. Aylett
Collingwood: M. Toomey, B. Toomey
Richmond: J. De Lorenzo, E. Langridge
South Melbourne: K. Mc Cormack, B. McGowan
Essendon: A. Murdoch, G. Sewell
Melbourne: Ron Barassi
Hawthorn: B. Edwards, R. Simmonds
St Kilda: B. Walsh

Front Left: 1 . —- 2. Cecilia (Nee D’Angelo) Casamento, 3. —- 4. Glenda Kennelly, 5. Margaret Cincotta 6. Franca Dimattina
Back Right 7. —  8. Diana (Nee Dimattina) Mollica, 9. Annette Sonego, 10. — 11. Angela Dimattina, 12. Anita (Nee D’Angelo) D’Andrea 13. —

Young Chinese League

1. D. Quon (Vice- Capt.)
2. F. Grant (Capt.)
3. A. Shue
4. N. Chin
5. S. Way
6. O. Kwong
7. L. Quon
8. E. Moy
9. J. Wing Young
10. W. Louey
11. E. Chin
12. T. Wing Young
13. K. Ah Yick
14. G. Ah Yick
15. H. Kwong
16. E. Louey
17. F. Lee
18. K. Louey
19. K. Nam
20. M. Way
21. V. Kwong
22. G. Foote
23. H. Chin
24. N. Chong
25. K. Foo
26. Wal Chin
27. M. Foo
29.E. Gooey
30. Wm. Chin
31. N. Wong Hee
32. P. Louery
33. G. Dan
34. J. Chong
35. R. Youie
36. R. Nam
37. R. Foo
39. A. Nam
40. W. Chinn

Italian Team

1. R. Ongarello (Capt.)
2. A. Lopes (Vice-Capt.)
3. N. De Lorenzo
4. D. DiMattina
5. G. Ray
6. J. Buckley   *B. Santamaria
7. M. Cristofaro
8. J. Rossin
9. B. DiMattina
10. J. Quadara
11. J. Penna
12. A. Cristofaro
13. A. Ongarllo
14. J. Mecca
15. M. Cristofaro   *J. DiMattina
16. V. Strangio
17.  T. Fraumano
18. J. Mastroianni
19. P. Briglia
20. L. Rossin
21. D. Pellicano
22. S. Rando
23. M. Sabatino
24. M. Bellofiore
25. M. Tricarico
26. S. Bongiorno
27. D. Mattei
29.B. Capuano
30. A. Santamaria

* Indicates originally in programme

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