The following merchandise can be purchased at club meetings and selected events.


From$10.00 each
Slim Fit Sizes: XXSmall  |  Small  | Large  |  XXLarge  Colours available: black  |  white
Medium/Larger fit sizes: Medium  |  Large   Colours available: black  |  white
Larger Fit Sizes: XLarge  |  XXLarge   Colours available: black  |  white

$10.00 each

* Please note there is limited stock, and all sizes maynot be available at time of purchase.

2019 T-Shirt

Cucina di Casa Nostra and Dolci di Casa Nostra – Recipe Books
By Giulia Biviano

Giulia Biviano’s recipe books, Dolci di Casa Nostra and Cucina di Casa Nostra are available for purchase at our events.

Inspired by her love for baking and cooking, Giulia Biviano has now written two books filled with recipes originating from her Aeolian heritage. Her adapted recipes have been well accepted and enjoyed by her family and friends. Having home made biscuits with coffee at every family and Club function has been part of our Aeolian tradition and culture as well as a topical discussion.

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