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$10.00 each

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2019 T-Shirt

Cucina di Casa Nostra and Dolci di Casa Nostra – Recipe Books
By Giulia Biviano

Giulia Biviano’s recipe books, Dolci di Casa Nostra and Cucina di Casa Nostra are available for purchase at our events.

Inspired by her love for baking and cooking, Giulia Biviano has now written two books filled with recipes originating from her Aeolian heritage. Her adapted recipes have been well accepted and enjoyed by her family and friends. Having home made biscuits with coffee at every family and Club function has been part of our Aeolian tradition and culture as well as a topical discussion.

Amunini – Celebrating 90 Years of the Società Isole Eolie Melbourne – DVD
2015 – Produced by Cristina Neri

$Price coming soon – Available to purchase at Club Events.

Inspired by the idea of forming a club for the mutual benefit of those of  Aeolian origin living in Melbourne, several Italian Migrants decided to hold a meeting at a small hall in Ripponlea on the night of the 2nd of August 1925. thus, the Società Mutuo Soccorso Isole Eolie (now known as the Società Isole Eolie) was born and continues to thrive as Melbourne’s oldest regional Italian Club ninety years later.

This is their story – a celebration of an ongoing commitment to their unique Aeolian Traditions while navigating through mounting challenges as their membership ages and engaging the next generation proves difficult.

Società Isole Eolie – 70th Anniversary Book (LIMITED EDITION)
From Seven Islands to Melbourne – Dalle Sette Isole a Melbourne
1995, 106 Pages  Language: English and Italian

$Price coming soon – Available to purchase at Club Events.

A commemorative book comprising of the history of the Societa Mutuo Soccorso, Messages from notable people, our committee members at the time, family histories, about the 7 Islands, advertisements from Aeolian Businesses at the time and much more.

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