Celebrating 95 years

Società Isole Eolie - Celebrating 95 Years

1925 First Members of the Societa Mutuo Soccorso Isole Eolie Melbourne

We invite you to send the Società your best wishes for our Anniversary

This year the Società Isole Eolie Melbourne celebrates our 95th Anniversary.
We invite you and would be delighted if you could send your best wishes to us via a short video message.

We will put together all submitted videos to create a commemorative video montage, which will be a valuable memory during this time of isolation, that we are unable to celebrate.

What to do:

  1. Capture your short video message on your phone, webcam or other video recording device.
  2. Send it through to us via this page, a direct message to us on Facebook or to siemelbourne@gmail.com
    (If the video is more than 25mb we suggest uploading via this page)

By When?
Please send us your video message by Monday 31st of August 2020. (Extended Submission Date) 

The Società Isole Eolie greatly appreciates your support and time in creating this memorable commemorative video.

Some example messages:
Hi! My name is ….. I was born in …. I’ve been a member of the SIE for …. Happy 95th Anniversary!

Hi! My name is ….. My family is from the Island of……… We wish the SIE a very Happy 95th Anniversary!

Some tips for your video

A Horizontal/Landscape video format is preferred

A short video of up to 30 seconds long is fine

You can choose to have just yourself or the whole family in the video

In the video, please state your name/s from who the message is from

You can choose to say your message in English, Italian or dialect.

Please upload your video message below

For all video sizes (up to 100mb)

Or you can attach your video message
to siemelbourne@gmail.com (under 25mb)
please send it to us via Facebook Messenger HERE

By Monday 31st  of August 2020.

For any questions please email Michael Angelini at siemelbourne@gmail.com

The Società Isole Eolie greatly appreciates your support and time in creating this memorable commemorative video.

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Our events until the end of October have been postponed and cancelled until further notice. For any enquires please feel free toContact Us