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Miss and Mr Isole Eolie 2019

Miss & Mr Isole Eolie

Every year the Società Isole Eolie elects a Miss and Mr Isole Eolie at the annual Isole Eolie Picnic in February. It is one of many traditions proudly upheld by the Società.

Learn more about the history of our Annual Picnic HERE 

The pageant began in the 1960s and the title was fiercely sought over by all eligible young women. To be named Miss Isole Eolie was a great honour for the winner and their family. The dynamic of the competition has changed over time, however, with the introduction of the title of Mr Isole Eolie in 1996.

Today, the competition is good-natured and provides a means of encouraging second and third-generation Aeolians to follow the footsteps of their ancestors by continuing this tradition.

Youth from 16 years of age are encouraged to nominate themselves to be a representative of the Società Isole Eolie.
A panel of judges evaluates the way contestants present themselves to the Aeolian community and respond to prompts delivered by the host of the competition. Those who place in first, second and third positions are later honoured at the annual Mr and Miss Isole Eolie Dance.

Back in the days when the Miss Italian Community pageant was still being held, two young Aeolian women qualified in the top positions: Angela La Bozzetta (Miss Italian Community 1980) and Teresa Luca (Charity Princess 1980).

More recently, Miss Isole Eolie 2012, Sandra Mandile, went on to become a finalist at Miss Tourism Australia 2013.

Miss & Mr Isole Eolie Pageant Timeline
  • 1968 – The SMSIE holds the first Miss Isole Eolie quest at the annual family picnic.
  • 1970 – The first recorded winner, Lisa Caponio was elected as Miss Isole Eolie.
  • 1971 – The first Miss Isole Eolie of non-Aeolian or Italian descent was elected.
  • 1996 – The first Mr Isole Eolie contest is introduced and is won by Frank Natoli.

Have you been a previous Miss or Mr Isole Eolie Winner or Runner up?

Please email us if you were a Miss or Mr Isole Eolie 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner and if your name does not appear in the table. We would love to add your name to the list and become part of history.

Full List of Miss and Mr Isole Eolie Winners since 1968

2024Mia CutugnoLaura PatellaNone ElectedAlexander BoderiJulian CutugnoVincenzo Cutugno
2023Isabella MuletaLauren DuarteJillian ArkoudisMarco ReitanoLorenzo CincottaNone Awarded
2022None ElectedNone ElectedNone ElectedNone ElectedNone ElectedNone Elected
2021Emma SerciaGiuliana BivianoFrancesca ZuccarelloJames ItaliaDaniel Cotesta3rd Place not awarded
2020Madeline VinaccioMelissa MannoChiara BaileyDavide NatoliRino ColuccioAndrew Piccolo
2019Nadia NatoliJessica CasamentoCatherine NatoliNicholas KakolyrisNicholas ArgettoDavide Natoli
2018Adriana Di PettaNatalie Di PasqualeRoanna SanelliMichael AngeliniLachlan Blanchard (Luca)Adam Lauria
2017Melissa FerlainoAlessi D'AndreaAngeline PaganellaAdam SalerniKahn VocaleMuhammad Alloushe
2016Fabiana FarahLisa CiacchiJessica PapaleoGianni D'AndreaDavid LarneJames Siakavelis
2015Isabella Russo Jessica Cincotta Katherine Lisa CerriAnthony MartenstynAndrew FontiMatt Italia
2014Gabriella MartelloMoriah RussoOliva AmatoEolo Finocchiaro Anthony MartenstynCarlo Martello
2013Giulia MartelloJessica CincottaGabriella MartelloSteven FinocchiaroNicholas MaioranaRobert Ferlaino
2012Sandra MandileChristina KarouzakisRebecca MarianiMatthew MandileRoberto PaolinoDaniel Russo
2011None elected due to picnic being held at Elwood Beach.None elected due to picnic being held at Elwood Beach.
2010Gabriella RussoGabriella MartelloRachel MufaleDavid FontiDaniel AmericaNathan Mufale
2009Giulia LentiniAlexandra BrunacciChristina SerciaJames DaidoneDaniel RussoDavid Fonti
2008Angelique MandaranoNicole PainoElise ParisiJoseph SchmidRoberto TurcoLes Clarke
2003Diana TarantoAngelique MandaranoSimone MicheliSam CannistraFausto CortesePaul Taranto
2002Bianca TurcarelliSarah Domine (TBC)Josephine Mandarano (TBC)Anthony BerziLuke Surace (TBC)Matt Bordignon (TBC)
2001Anna Maria MandaranoAnthony Mandarano
2000Romina Lo PiccoloAnthony Lo Piccolo
1999Grace BivianoAnthony Lo Piccolo
1997Mellinda SessaAdrian Patella
1996Danielle SerciaSandra BarbutoAnna-Lisa LenziFrank NatoliCarmine DelnigroBill Collins
1995Giovanna MandaranoKelly LastrinaLinda Mandarino--Mr Isole Eolie begins in 1996--
1992Alessandra OrsiniJulie BivianoPaula Rizzo------
1991Louisa Di FlorioNatalie CappadonaGrace Biviano------
1990Diana SerciaEnza Scaffidi------
1989Maria CasseraLuise PhillipsVikky Rowe------
1988Andrea BourkeDaniela CusmanoMaria Raimondi------
1987Angela Cincotta------
1984Lisa CilonioGloria SampieriMaria Salanatri------
1983Josie MuletaAnna Maria Manfre------
1982Anna Marguglio (Miss Picnic)------
1981Rosa Carbone------
1980Teresa Luca (Miss Italian Community) Francesca Luca (Miss Primavera)------
1979Emma Paoli (Miss Picnic)Rosanna Mollica------
1978Nancy AntonuccioPietrina Mandarano (Miss Primavera)Rina Luca------
1977Jeanette TarantoTina Scafidi (Miss Primavera)Rina Luca (Miss Inverno)------
1976Rosina FontiTeresa Luca (Miss Primavera)------
1975Lisa Mandarano------
1974Rosy Lo Ricco------
1973Rina Scaramozzino------
1972Maria Leuzzi------
1971First non-Aeolian - name unknown------
1970Lisa CaponioRita CecchitanoJeanne Ischia------
1968"La Bella Signorina"------


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