From Volcanoes, We Sailed

From Volcanoes We Sailed- Connecting Aeolian Generations

Thank you to Point Cool Productions for producing this film and to those who feature in the film for this wonderful representation of our Aeolian community in Melbourne. Directed by Oscar Strangio & Jack Ralph. 15mins

Developed in collaboration with the Società Isole Eolie and the wider Aeolian community, part of the exhibition From Volcanoes We Sailed open at the Melbourne Immigration Museum April 30th – October 30th 2016

Between April 30th to October 30th 2016, the Immigration Museum of Melbourne hosted From Volcanoes We Sailed: Connecting Aeolian Generations an exhibition curated by Cristina Neri. She has worked tirelessly with many others from the Aeolian community we have here in Melbourne to create this wonderful memoir of Aeolian history in Australia.

Uncover the remarkable, cultural heritage of a migrant community hailing from the volcanic archipelago of the Mediterranean. Famous in Melbourne for their ‘fruit palaces’, Aeolians established a vast number of independent businesses in their newly adopted home.

Beyond business, Aeolians have become leaders in politics and society. Encounter extraordinary families who have shaped Melbourne’s Aeolian community and learn about how Società Isole Eolie continues to nurture and connect Aeolians in Victoria and abroad.


From Volcanoes, We Sailed
From Volcanoes, We Sailed


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