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Remembering those who were part of and contributed to the
Società Isole Eolie Melbourne since 1925.

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  • NARDUZZO Pino (1933-2023)

    NARDUZZO Pino (1933-2023)

    b. 6 June 1933, Piscita’ Stromboli
    d. 27 November 2023, Melbourne

    Pino joined the SIE in 1973 and celebrated 50 years of membership before his passing. He was was Vice-President of the SIE for several years and a long-time member of the Confraternita' San Bartolomeo.

    Well known in the broader community as the ‘King of Fruiterers’, Pino was born in Piscita’ Stromboli in 1933 and migrated to Australia after serving in the Italian Navy. Soon after arriving in Melbourne, he celebrated marriage in 1958 to Maria Pittorino (also from Stromboli) and they set up a fruit business in High St, Prahran. They next moved on to Prahran Market where the familiar stall ‘Pino’s Fine Produce’ continues today to bear the name.

    He was a man of generous spirit and his contribution to so many fields, led to the awarding of an Order of Australia (OAM) medal in 2004.

    Pino became a prominent presence in the community of Stonnington until he stepped back from active engagement as his health declined.

    We best remember him as a regular at our SIE functions and are grateful for his donations of produce to our events, esp. the annual Seaford Picnic where he continued to attend until recent times. The holding of the Miss Isole Eolie Quest on the deck of his fruit truck has become an enduring memory of this event.
  • BARCA Giuseppa (1928-2023)

    BARCA Giuseppa (1928-2023)

    b. 27 March 1928, Varisana, Lipari
    d. 14, November 2023, Melbourne

    Wife of the late Giuseppe Barca (Once Committee member of the Societa), mother of Gaetano, Antonio, Rosa Marisa, and Giovanina. Nonna to one of our regular performers, Soprano Rebecca Gulinello and sister Naomi.
  • CASAMENTO Dominic (1936-2023)

    CASAMENTO Dominic (1936-2023)

    b. 4 January 1936, Melbourne
    d. 20, March 2023, Melbourne

    Dominic was on the committee in the 1970s with his father Giuseppe Casamento. Over the years he attended various events including the annual picnic and dinner dances etc.
  • MAGGIORE Joe (1952-2023)

    MAGGIORE Joe (1952-2023)

    b. 24 July 1952, Melbourne
    d. 4 June 2023, Melbourne

    Joe Maggiore was a former ANZ bank manager and was instrumental in obtaining finance for the SIE in times of need.

    He was our Treasurer leading up to our 90th Anniversary in 2015 and on our Executive Committee for 4 years. He played a leading role in major raffles and always acted as Race Marshal at the Seaford Picnic after collecting the medals from Ascot Vale Trophies.
  • BARBUTO Assunta (1946-2023)

    BARBUTO Assunta (1946-2023)

    b. 14 August 1946, Vulcano
    d. 20 January 2023, Melbourne

    Wife of the Long-Standing President Tony Barbuto.
  • NATOLI Bartolina (SCAFFIDI) (1933-2023)

    NATOLI Bartolina (SCAFFIDI) (1933-2023)

    b. 21 September 1933, Vulcano
    d. 4 February 2023, Melbourne

    Betty was born in Vulcano, Italy and was the sister of Leo Scaffidi Betty helped in setting up SIE functions in the 1970s & 80s and was quite active at the time, while her husband Gino (d. 2003) was on our committee pre-2003, and so too her son Claudio who died at a young age.
    Her son, Vince Natoli, was our Golden Sponsor at the 70th annual picnic at Seaford. He found the rope we used to use for the Tug-of-War in his dad’s garage and gifted it to us after a 35-year period since it was last used. The family, like many Aeolian families, were fruit shop owners and one of the last prominent figures from the post-WW2 Aeolian Fruit Shop Era.
  • TOSCANO Vincenzo (1905-1981)

    TOSCANO Vincenzo (1905-1981)

    b. 29 July 1905, Stromboli
    d. 22 February 1981, Wellington, New Zealand

    Vincenzo was one of the founding members of the S.M.S.I.E in 1925. He migrated from Stromboli to Melbourne in 1922
  • CASAMENTO Giuseppe (1907-1985)

    CASAMENTO Giuseppe (1907-1985)

    b. 7 June 1907, Lipari
    d. 27 February 1985, Melbourne

    Giuseppe (Joe) had been a member since the mid-1920s as part of the S.M.S.I.E.
  • CASAMENTO Bartolo (1937-2014)

    CASAMENTO Bartolo (1937-2014)

    b. 23 January 1937, Melbourne
    d. 24 June 2014, Melbourne

    Bartolo (Bob) joined as a member in the mid 1950's. He was the S.M.S.I.E treasurer from 1980 until 1983. He was the Son of Marino Casamento, president of the Società from 1950 to 1951, 1963 to 1970.
  • D'ANDREA Anita (1941-2020)

    D'ANDREA Anita (1941-2020)

    b. 19 June 1941
    d. 11 August 2020, Melbourne

  • PELUSO Gaetano (Tom) (1906-1983)

    PELUSO Gaetano (Tom) (1906-1983)

    b. 25 September 1906, Lipari
    d. 8 May 1983, Melbourne

  • SCAFFIDI Vincenzo

    SCAFFIDI Vincenzo

    b. 23 October 1902, Sant'Angelo Di Brolo
    d. 19 February 1984

  • PANETTIERI Francesco (1915-1983)

    PANETTIERI Francesco (1915-1983)

    b. 23 February 1915, Stromboli
    d. 28 August 1983, Melbourne

  • TESORIERO Pietro (1908-1990

    TESORIERO Pietro (1908-1990

    b. 29 June 1908, Ginostra
    d. 12 November 1990, Melbourne

  • ROSITANO Maria (1924-2015)

    ROSITANO Maria (1924-2015)

    b. 9 December 1924
    d. 5 April 2015, Melbourne

  • LOSCHIAVO Sam (1930-2019)

    LOSCHIAVO Sam (1930-2019)

    b. 14 October 1930
    d. 23 January 2019, Melbourne

  • MOLLICA Caterina (Rene) (1928-2017)

    MOLLICA Caterina (Rene) (1928-2017)

    b. 5 May 1928
    d. 13 May 2017, Melbourne

  • ZIINO Bartolo

    ZIINO Bartolo

    b. 18 May 1943
    d. 28 June 2018, Melbourne

    Bartolo was the secretary of the club in 1984.
  • NATOLI Bartolo (1928-2018)

    NATOLI Bartolo (1928-2018)

    b. 22 July 1928
    d. 29 September 2018, Melbourne

  • ISCHIA Giuseppe (1915-2005)

    ISCHIA Giuseppe (1915-2005)

    b. 27 September 1915
    d. 4 February 2005, Melbourne

  • NATOLI Gino (1926-2003)

    NATOLI Gino (1926-2003)

    b. 4 April 1926, Canneto, Lipari
    d. 24 July 2003, Melbourne

    Husband of Bartolina Scaffidi The family, like many Aeolian families, were fruit shop owners and one of the last prominent figures from the post-WW2 Aeolian Fruit Shop Era.
  • NATOLI Bob (1926-2006)

    NATOLI Bob (1926-2006)

    b. 9 May 1926
    d. 20 September 2006, Melbourne

    Bob was club president between 1984-85, and was awarded the Medal of the Order ( (OAM) of Australia in 1991.
  • TARANTO Angelo (1913-1987)

    TARANTO Angelo (1913-1987)

    b. 26 January 1913, Alicudi,
    d. 18 June 1987, Melbourne

    Aged 74
  • PAINO Giuseppe (1905-1997)

    PAINO Giuseppe (1905-1997)

    b. abt 1905,
    d. 5 July 1997, Melbourne

    Aged 92
  • MOLINIA Tony (Anthony) (1940-2014)

    MOLINIA Tony (Anthony) (1940-2014)

    b.19 August 1940
    d. 17 November 2014

  • FERLAZZO Giovanni (1930-1998)

    FERLAZZO Giovanni (1930-1998)

    b. 5 January 1930, Lipari
    d. 19 February 1998, Melbourne

  • ZAIA Tony (1930-2021)

    ZAIA Tony (1930-2021)

    b. 21 July 1930
    d. 16 October 2021, Melbourne

    Tony was a loyal member of the Societa’ Isole Eolie and the Confraternita’ San Bartolomeo for over 20 years and generously supported the SIE financially during our 1980s Renovation Program. He and his late-wife Barbara always attended our social functions and festas at St. Anthony’s (both as attendees and to also help set up events at the Hall).

    As a fruiterer, Tony displayed the typical Aeolian knowledge of the trade in his role as Fruit Department Manager at Coles Supermarkets in the 1980s and 1990s, after working during the 1970s with former-President Joe LoSchiavo at his Bay Street, Brighton fruit shop.

    Tony’s is the uncle of Maria-Lucrezia Giorgianni (the wife of Lipari Mayor, Marco), and attended the function in early 2020, when we welcomed them to Eolian Hall.

    As a club member, assistant on the Committee and a good friend to many, he will be sadly missed very much.
  • D'AMICO Nick (Nicola) 1935-2019

    D'AMICO Nick (Nicola) 1935-2019

    b. 5 April 1935, Malfa
    d. 8 June 2019, Melbourne

    Nicola or commonly know as "Nick" joined the SIE on 13th July 1976 and to gain membership he was sponsored by the late Bartolo Ziino. He was introduced by his brother Marcello who has been a member since 1966. His other brother was Fr. Vincenzo D’Amico, who was SIE chaplain from 1960 to 2002 - for 42 years.

    Nick actively supported the club throughout the years and spent time behind our bar as a barista. We will always remember him as a warm, lovely person with a great smile and sense of humour. He was Maria D'Amico's husband, who has been a long-time committee member of the Società Isole Eolie (SIE).

    He was a registered member of the Australian Chiropractic Association and founding member of the Acupuncture Society of Victoria. Nick was also an accomplished Mandolin player.
  • D'AMICO Vincenzo (Father)

    D'AMICO Vincenzo (Father)

    b. 28 December 1925, Malfa
    d. 25 June 2002, Melbourne

    Padre (Father) Don Vincenzo D’Amico was the Chaplin of the Società from 1960 to his death in 2002 (42 years)

    On the 31st of May in 1967, it was his initiative that the Confraternita San Bartolomeo was constituted.
  • MARTELLO Giovanni (1931-2021

    MARTELLO Giovanni (1931-2021

    b. 26 June 1931, Vulcano
    d. 28 July 2021, Melbourne

    Giovanni legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren who have been and are great supporters of the club.
  • BENJAMIN Jose (TESORIERO) 1936- 2021

    BENJAMIN Jose (TESORIERO) 1936- 2021

    b. 30 October 1936, Place of Birth
    d. 16 March 2021, Melbourne

    Josie (Giuseppina) is the daughter of Stefano Tesoriero who was elected SIE’s first President in the year of its foundation in 1925. His brother (her uncle Giuseppe Tesoriero) was the main instigator to the founding of the SMSIE in 1925. They emigrated to Melbourne after being part of the tightly organised Aeolian community of New York - with Bartolo Dimattina they rallied the support to found a formal body here in Melbourne.

    Josie spent numerous years on the Committee acting as the Treasurer’s assistant, but her main role was Membership Officer.

    Josie featured in the documentary film ‘Amuninni’, which celebrated the club’s 90th Anniversary in 2015. She spoke of the history of the role of women in the Società.
  • LUCA Giuseppe (Joe) 1932-2021

    LUCA Giuseppe (Joe) 1932-2021

    b. 28 October 1932, Place of Birth
    d. 11 January 2021, Place of Death


    b. 30 October 1922, Lipari
    d. 1 September 2020, Melbourne

    The Società Isole Eolie (SIE) is saddened by the loss of its oldest member and oldest serving Committee Member.

    Angela came to Australia by ship at the age of 10. She was accompanied by her mother and younger sister. Upon arrival, they joined father Santo who had previously come to Australia to prepare the way for the rest of the family. Her two brothers were subsequently born here.

    Like most Aeolians, while attending school, she helped out in their family fruit shop in Elwood. During World War 2, her father was detained, and having been born overseas to “Aliens”, Angela and her sister had to report to the Police Station every week.

    As the eldest child and barely 20 years old, she took a leading role in keeping things going until the War ended in 1945 and the family was reunited.

    Typical of many other Italians, Bernardino her husband, and Angela accommodated fellow immigrants during the critical housing shortage of the late 1940s and 1950s, helping them until they settled down and found their own premises.
  • BARCA Giuseppe (Joe) 1928-2021

    BARCA Giuseppe (Joe) 1928-2021

    b. 14 April 1928, Varisana-Pianoconte, Lipari
    d. 11 June 2021, Melbourne

    Joe came to Australia in the early 1950s and worked all his life in Fruit shops.

    Joe is remembered by the Committee as a very jovial, friendly and family-oriented person. He and his family attended many of the Società’s functions including the Annual Picnic at Keast Park. Joe valued the Società and its achievements and always acknowledged his Aeolian heritage.

    Joe Barca was a very active member in the 1980s and 1990s. Together with his brother-in-law, Bob Natoli (former President) and his son Tony Natoli in the late 90s, Joe attended many meetings.


    b. Date of Birth, Place of Birth
    d. Date of Death, Place of Death
  • FONTI Giuseppe

    FONTI Giuseppe

    b. Date of Birth, Place of Birth
    d. Date of Death, Place of Death
  • CASAMENTO Marino

    CASAMENTO Marino

    b. 31, August 1907, Lipari
    d. 21 October 1976, Melbourne

    Marino was president of the Società from 1950 to 1951, 1963 to 1970.
  • SCAFFIDI Leo 1926-2017

    SCAFFIDI Leo 1926-2017

    b. 4 April 1926, Sant'Angelo Di Brolo, Sicilia, Italy
    d. 10 July 2017, Melbourne

    Leo was Treasurer of the Società from 1983-2005
  • TESORIERO Giuseppe

    TESORIERO Giuseppe

    b. Date of Birth, Place of Birth
    d. Date of Death, Place of Death

    Giuseppe was one of the founders of the Societa Mutuo Soccorso Isole Eolie. He was president of the Societa from 1926-1927.
  • LUCA Marianina (Nina) (TESORIERO) 1939-2019

    LUCA Marianina (Nina) (TESORIERO) 1939-2019

    b. 28 August 1939, Melbourne
    d. 20 November 2019, Melbourne

  • CANESTRA Bartolo

    CANESTRA Bartolo

    b. Date of Birth, Place of Birth
    d. Date of Death, Place of Death

  • DI MATTINA Bartolo 1900-1965

    DI MATTINA Bartolo 1900-1965

    b. 15 October 1900, Place of Birth
    d. 2 May 1965, Melbourne

    One of the founding members of the Società Isole Eolie Mutuo Soccorso. Bartolo was President for 10 years from 1952- 1962.
  • BONGIORNO Antonino

    BONGIORNO Antonino

    b. 21 May 1877, Stromboli
    d. 1955 , Stromboli

    Son of Antonino & Francesca Tesoriero. Husband of Francesca Famularo.


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