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If you missed out on last year’s 6th Aeolian Genealogy Webinar Series you are in luck- You will be able to re-watch the 4 informative episodes that so many people enjoyed.
From beginners to advanced family historians, this informative video series will help you to begin and continue searching for your ancestors.
By subscribing to the Discovering My Aeolian History: Video Series you will be able to watch on our website for 90 days once subscribed to the 4 informative episodes we recorded as part of our 2020 6th Aeolian Genealogy Webinar Series.
Each episode has 2 topics with a cooking segment with Giulia Biviano between topics to learn how to cook some typical Aeolian dishes.
The cost is $40 AUD
Your access will expire 90 days after you subscribe.
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