Società Isole Eolie Museum

Located on the first floor of our hall at 836 Lygon St, Carlton North, our Società Isole Eolie Museum houses various memorabilia and photos from our long-standing history.  The room is open during all our events or upon appointment.

Currently, our museum is under renovation and will be available to view in the upcoming months.


BobDimattina & Antonio Bongiorno Acland St St Kilda c.1920s
Aeolian Fruiterers
Aeolian Genealogy Seminar
Aeolian Genealogy Information Series
Aeolian Genealogy Seminar
Aeolian Genealogy Seminar
Cudduri Di Pasqua
Aeolian Recipes
Societa Mutuo Soccorso Isole Eolie - First Picnic at Sunbury
Annual Keast Park Picnic
Festa di San Bartolomeo
From Volcanoes, We Sailed
From Volcanoes We Sailed
History of Eolian Hall
Honour Board
Miss and Mr Isole Eolie 2017
Miss and Mr Isole Eolie Pageant

Contact Us

Contact us if you have your own memories of the Societa Isole Eolie or would like to know more.
If you would like to donate any objects to our museum we are happy to hear from you too.

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